This Week in Meiville 3/10/17


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Dear Fantastic Readers,

My storyboard is almost manageable at the moment and I am having a wonderful time guiding my characters along. I hope you all caught the hint that I left you this week, and I invite you to use the contact form to tell me any of your predictions!

I hope that you are enjoying reading half as much as I enjoy writing  everyday.

So many thanks to everyone who visits, comments, likes and shares.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the weekly beta reader poll. The results are very helpful to me in my writing process, and for all my friends who who take the time to spot and share grammar and punctuation flaws – you guys are wonderful!


TriAnna casts her spell, we learn more about the history of Lys and No’tt the dragon- as well as Dagur and Kronos. Eli Carton gets his chance to speak, Amos reveals his betrayal and Nym finds herself.

Marcel – dead or alive?

Thanks again for being a part of my story. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

May all of your dreams be steamy –