The Cast


This page contains a list of the places and characters of Fantastica. The information may not yet be available to readers on line. Please read at your own risk. Thank you.





BELLSTEAD: Water element plane similar to Earth during the Victorian Era. It is home to five nations:  Meiville, Starfell, Primordia, Orria and the People of Crow Island. The peoples of Bellstead rely on stream power, ingenuity, and Democracy rather than religious leadership. Recently released from the clutches of the Absinthe Wars, Bellstead is overrun with war torn families, orphans, pirates and gangsters.  A secretive underground order of scientists and inventors called the Psionic Guild have collected in order to protect their plane from further destruction.

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LYS: Fire element plane, Lys has two blue moons, a silver sun and a rose colored sky. It contains a massive mountain range of obsidian spires, and two primary seasons. The Lysin people are a small but highly advanced civilization with a rich and thriving culture.  The people of Lys worship the dragons, Dagur and No’tt, who are the co-creators of their world which once existed in a peaceful balance of masculine and feminine. The Lysin and are skilled in the use of ancient and elemental magics. The people of Lys were cast into exile after the death of their King and destruction of their plane by the ancient beast Kronos.


VINDIHIRI – Air element plane, Vindihiri is a gigantic gas planet with no surface. The Vindioma are a deeply religious people who worship a single unifying and all powerful God. Over run by Lysin refugees,  Vindihiri is in a state of fierce unrest. The people and their Priestess rulers seek to find balance between their available resources and devout beliefs- which conflict with the needs and traditions of the Lysin.

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FANTASTICA: Pseudo-plane created by Marcel Ghostraven as a rendezvous point for himself and his love TriAnna. Fantastica becomes a central point of Unity for the known planes. Home of the Sameinad Council, a group of elected officials that represent their planes in times of conflict. It is also a hub of commerce.

THE OEHN SEA: The primordial soup. A volcanic Realm at the beginning of time and the dawn of life. Kronos was it’s primary inhabitant prior to his escape.





CAPTAIN MARCEL GHOSTRAVEN:  A tall, thin man in his early forties with black curly hair and soft blue eyes. Marcel served as a naval captain during the Absinthe Wars on Bellstead. Returning home he operates a sundry store and enjoys inventing various machines and toys. Marcel is the accidental inventor of the first known interdimensional time machine. He also collects and quarantines various objects of cursed and dark magical origins. Marcel is vegan and also the patron of Meiville’s large home for orphan children.


TriAnna:  Born upon Lys as the young girl Mei, Trianna is the name of the chosen priestess ruler of the Lysin. She is keeper of the Three Graces of Dagur, a sacred artifact that holds the spirits of Dagur and her two unborn daughters. TriAnna is a gifted sorceress, empath, and healer. She has a quirky sense of humor and is steady and reliable in any situation. She had green eyes and her hair color varies, depending upon the amount of power she is drawing from the spirit of Dagur. She is also the promised love of Marcel Ghostraven.

NYM:  The older of the two daughters of Dagur, Nym lived most of her life bound to her sister and under the protection of a TriAnna. She is amber in color  with ink black wings in her native form. In her human frame, she is tall, with thick amber hair and blue eyes. Nym is a gifted inventor and a talented military strategist. Her childhood nickname was “Nimble.” She has a complicated romantic relationship with Amos DeVile.

TRIXIE: The younger of the two daughters of Dagur, “Trix” is a bold, brave young woman who loves attention and drama. In her native form she is a deep violet color. As a human, she enjoys changing her look as often as her moods and she is always the life of a party. Despite her devious and sometimes thoughtless ways, she is clever and gifted in the arts of magic and telepathy.  Having spent an epoch with the interdimensional beast, Kronos, Trix is also a valued asset in tactical planning to the Sameinad Council.

THANRA VEIL: Once the leader of the dangerous Draki Guard on Lys, Thanra is tall and broad shouldered with elaborate reptilian tattoos on her face and shoulders, she has pale blond hair that she fashions into flames. After a brief time of being punished by No’tt, she becomes the close friend of Marcel Ghostraven and leads her people through the battles with Kronos. After the Decimation of Lys, she becomes the acting leader of the Lysin on Vindihari, though her tendancies toward passionate and impulsive reactions can sometimes be a liability. Thanra is a warrior, not a politician.


PERRYN PETERSON: The elected mayor of Meiville, Perryn is a man in his early sixties and a decorated hero of the Absinth Wars. As the commanding officer of Marcel Ghostraven, he was gravely injured in battle. Marcel used his mechanical skills to save Perryn who lives on as a Cyborg. Perryn is instrumental in the disappearance of Marcel after the first attack on Meiville, and walks a delicate political line with the local mafia. He has gray hair and gray eyes, and a refined demeanor. He is the husband of Mike Kiligrew and the adopted father of Emily DeLuna. Mike and Perryn also attempted to adopt Amos DeVile but were unable to do so.


MIKE KILIGREW: The husband of Perryn Peterson, Mike is a sweet soul who often gives sage advice. He is in his sixties and wears a waxed moustache. Unlike his partner, he detests the limelight, preferring to be a rock steady support to all who know him from behind the scenes. Mike is the adopted father of Emily DeLuna.

EMILY DELUNA: Born capricious and feisty, Emily has always been a strong woman. After having her childhood and most of her memories stolen by the interdimensional beast Kronos, Emily goes on to join the Psionic Guild and is instrumental in the containment of the Starfell Grimoire. She is petite, with cropped hair, a muscular frame and mind for all things mechanical. Emily is the adopted daughter of Mike and Perryn and has an off and on romance with Ben Hammerton.


AMOS DEVILE: Emily’s best friend, Amos grew up with Mike, Perryn and Marcel although he continued to live at the Meiville Orphanage. Amos had a rough childhood, eventually conspiring to help Alexi Carton steal the Starfell Grimoire. When caught, Amos fled Meiville and did not return for many years. He is in his early twenties, tall, tanned and muscular from his life at sea. He suffers from dyslexia and often doubts himself. He had a boyish charm, an infectious smile, and has a complicated romantic relationship with Nym.


ALEXI CARTON: The only son of the notorious crime boss, Eli Carton. Alexi consipires with Amos to steal the Apport Sextant. He is later killed by Kronos in Marcel’s store, which causes suspicion and tension between the mob, the Mayor and Marcel.

ELI CARTON: A known mafia underboss, Eli Carton is an aging gangster that rules with an iron fist and an expanding gut. Since the death of his son he has been obsessed with Marcel Ghostraven and with finding his son’s killer. He is in his sixties, graying and portly with brown eyes and a flamboyant personality.

EUDORA CARTON: The only daughter of Eli Carton, Eudora is prized as one of the most beautiful women in Meiville. The owner of the Mists hotel, she covets the powerful men around her and uses her ambition and ego, and feminine charms to achieve her own ends.She has ginger hair, pale eyes and is deceptively well mannered. A skilled marksman and a perfectionist in everything she undertakes, her one joy is playing the violin.


BEN HAMMERTON: The devoted right hand man of Eli Carton, Ben Hammerton is meticulous, calm, collected and deadly. He is also level headed and often the cold voice of reason. First in line to gain the powerful throne of Meiville’s underworld, he is cunning politically and has an unreadable poker face. Ben is tall, with a broad build, dark hair, eyes and moustache. He has a tempestuous relationship with Emily DeLuna.

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SKYCAPTAIN ANDERS MAGRUDER: Obsessed with the Apport Sextant from childhood, Magruder has made many sacrifices to obtain the object. After following Amos to Meiville, he takes over as the head of it’s Pirate underground and wages a turf battle with the well established organized crime syndicate. Magruder is in his fifties, tall, thin, with rotten teeth and a limp. He is a dangerous sociopath who has committed himself to killing Marcel Ghostraven and everyone he has ever loved.

KRONOS: Kronos is an interdimensional beast, much like a large octopus. He can also take a more human-like form, but even then has difficulty containing his ever reaching tentacles. Torn from his own time and Realm by a calling spell cast by the Lysin dragon, No’tt, he lives in a constant state of rage and hunger. Kronos is able to control the minds of people around him and is a dangerous eternal force.

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