40176836 - steampunk style mechanical beetle

In the fantasy, steampunk city of Meiville, something has gone terribly wrong.  High above the city an arcane atmospheric wonder, the Celestial Heliograph, hovers casting a powerful protective magic over the unaware world below. However, for reasons unknown it has begun to fail and the citizens of Meiville are falling ill to a strange temporal illness.  Only Nym, a clever young woman with no past and nothing to guide her but a strange cog is aware of the city’s danger, and its connection to Marcel Ghostraven. The designer of the Celestial Heliograph, Ghostraven had disappeared years earlier leaving a trail of strange artifacts and dangerous enemies. Pursued by gangsters and pirates Nym finds herself entangled in a world of menace, romance, murder and magic. Can she unravel Ghostraven’s mysteries in order to find him and bring him back to Meiville before the machine-and all of time- runs out?


ChrisThe Life Fantastica is a series of stories written in  the style of serialized victorian novels.  Readers are invited to participate in its creation and are encouraged to submit questions and feedback via the contact page and don’t forget to answer the weekly Beta Reader poll question.

The story is co-created by writer Anna Brennan  and artist and digital inventor Chris Raquet, with special thanks to Perryn and Mike for their inspirations.

NYEFollow the complete tale by clicking the blog link above, or start at the beginning here. We hope that you will enjoy the story which is typically published daily. The Meiville Tribune is available to inform readers of editing breaks (typically every two weeks) and other upcoming events in Meiville.


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