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Marcel lay on his berth in the Auric Rectifier staring up into the ceiling. His mind moved in and out of dreams. He had declined the offer of a room at the palace with TriAnna and No’tt reluctantly. He had felt the need to absorb all that he had learned in a space that felt familiar.

Images formed on the canvas of metal over his head moving in and out of time and space, telling the tale that both haunted and enchanted him. In his mind’s eye he could see the fire that had burned in TriAnna’s eyes as she told the story, and he realized for the first time that she was so much more than a simple, clever girl. She was the living manifestation of Lys’ oral traditions and a powerful priestess.

He closed his eyes and allowed himself to submerge in her voice and her story:

In the beginning, our realm was one of gases and dust swirling in space. In your language you might call it a nebula. Through this silent and eternal night swam the Great Dragon, No’tt. For an eternity he drifted through the void, consuming the raw matter of the universe and spitting out the fire that would fuse to become our planets and stars. This was a celestial dance of tremendous beauty, but solitary and unrealized.

 In time, No’tt began to wonder about the nature of being and sought to understand himself through collective experience. No’tt looked outside of himself but found no external point of reference, and came to understand both his Oneness and his aloneness amongst the stars. For millennia he roamed in this way, searching outside of himself but finding nothing. Then, No’tt looked inward where he discovered a magic which allowed him to call out into the sea of nothing. He use his voice to sing a song that spoke of his longing and his need to connect, and this song became the source.

 Within the void great vortexes of energy began to swirl and pull, drawing inward. And it was within the breath of this energy that Dagur became.

 Dagur was luminous and free spirited and her light was the balance of all things. No’tt was the One who had become Two, and the two Great Dragons reigned in harmony, challenging and understanding one another in equality. They were dark and light, male and female, the beginning and the end. Dagur had existed much as No’tt in her own space and when the two were able to connect their love was complete.

 However, the calling song that No’tt had used to summon his mate had not ceased in it’s magic and the vortices that it created called in other energies. Most of these existed harmoniously, lending variety and diversity to their experiences and Dagur and No’tt took joy in sharing their realm.

 That was, until the great beast was pulled though and the balance was broken.

 No one knows from where the Beast came, though it is believed that he is as old as time itself. His name is Kronos, the one who cuts. His purpose is wholly to divide and to reduce, and his jealousy and greed were beyond measure. A million grabbing arms reached out, stabbing and slicing, he battled endlessly to destroy the balance of the realm.

 The unity of Dagur and No’tt enraged the Beast Kronos and though he worked tirelessly to separate them, they managed to conquer him for many thousands of years. Then one fateful day he managed to isolate Dagur, who had become pregnant with the fire of creation.

 It was upon this land now known as Lys, where the Great Dragon Dagur came apart.

 No’tt searched furiously for his partner. Frightened and alone again, worried for her safety and the safety of the two lives she carried within her. When No’tt finally came upon her body, she was dissolved but for three small sparks.

 Those sparks live on, the light of the eternal Dagur and her unborn children. They are the source of all life upon Lys. Like candle flames the Lysin are lit of one another; it’s people forever unified and connected to their creators. The sparks, which are called the Three Graces of Dagur, live in the very special heart of the one known as the TriAnna.

 TriAnna had lowered her head, respectfully and he remembered how softly she had spoken.

 My name was Mei, before I was chosen. Though, my own name was forfeit when I became TriAnna.

He had felt a sorrow and an understanding, seeing her both as the leader TriAnna and the girl, Mei. She had touched his hand tenderly before continuing her tail. The warmth of her touch still radiant in his memory.

No’tt, in his fury, battled the Beast Kronos through the ages, and in the end though he had been lashed by a thousand arms and cut by a thousand knives, he prevailed.  Kronos was sealed back into the void from which he had been summoned, and the vortices that allowed him entry closed. However, the victory came at a great cost: Our Great Father, No’tt, is dying. The wounds that he received in their battle will not heal, not by any enchantment or medicine.

 Silver tears had rolled down her cheeks and she had smiled at Marcel sadly.

 It was only then that No’tt had spoken, graceful and magnificent, “Just as the beautiful light that was Dagur lives on, so must I.” He had smiled at TriAnna reassuringly.

Marcel stared up into the ceiling of the Auric Rectifier with the words of No’tt spinning in his mind. He had so many questions and he found himself battling an internal desire to return to the city and find TriAnna, for answers and for the comfort of her company. On the control panel, the strange energy that he had been monitoring was growing stronger and the understanding of that energy made his blood cold in his veins. A deep feeling of regret and misery overwhelmed him as he remembered the next words of Great Dragon:

“It is the return of Kronos at this late hour in my life that troubles me.” No’tt had looked to him expectantly, “It is his return that we must discuss.”

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