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The storm was getting out of hand.

TriAnna had been racing from instrument to control panel and back again, preforming repairs. When she could catch her breath, she would cast wards and protections, using her skills as a medicine woman to hold Kronos between the realms. He could sense TriAnna’s attempt to reunify with her kind, and he was working very hard to tear the world apart before it could happen.

She longed for the day when they could stand together as the Three Graces of Dagur. There was a simple beauty in being together, a comfort and strength in their joining as one heart, sharing the burden and the joy. She missed the Father. In her mind should could hear his words and they gave her courage. She knew that his strength and wisdom were eternal and that he would again rise, just as Dagur had done so long ago, but she struggled to understand why he would depart at the darkest time in the history of his people. The history of all peoples.

She remembered the battles that had been waged before, fallen friends, and the faces of the people of Lys, now lost from their lands in exile. She feared for the safety of her kind, for Marcel, and for all of the friends who would battle alongside of her come this night. She feared for the sleeping people beneath her, unaware of the great demon beating his fists upon the door to their world.

Kronos’ great tentacles thrashed through the blacked sky, creating terrifying silhouettes against the pillars of angry storm clouds.   He beat himself against the Celestial Heliograph which was crumbling quickly beneath his weight. With every assault shards of glass and metal fell down upon TriAnna and the magic and technology that she and Marcel had so carefully woven together was beginning to break along a thousand fractures.

Kronos drew upon his own magic to summon the terrible storm. A tactic that forced TriAnna to divide herself: with half her energy she maintained the hinge upon the great locked door that prevented Kronos from attaining his full power. With the other she protected the Envoy as it made it’s way through the dangerous lightning and wind.

Occasionally, Kronos would collect himself and with great effort he would batter the Celestial Heliograph.  TriAnna would brace against her walls and hope that this would not be the moment that they collapsed. Somehow though, these assaults always seemed to fail and as if exhausted from the effort, he would fall back. Those moments gave her brief but much needed time to recollect herself before the next onslaught. She wondered if Kronos were injured, or if Marcel had somehow equipped the machine with an unknown failsafe. Whatever it was that interrupted him, she was grateful for it.

It was in these moments that TriAnna would look out into the night and search for signs of the Envoy. It was dark and the driving rain made finding the airship difficult. Their flight course was made erratic by the gale that engulfed them.

She reached out with her mind, trying to connect with her kindred, Nimble. As the ship came closer she could feel their connection, but could not establish a link of communication. She could feel confusion and pain within Nimble; also anger, frustration, and hopelessness. TriAnna was distressed, if she could only join with her, even for a moment, she could help Nimble to understand. Together they could find the strength to guide the Envoy out of the storm and face whatever was troubling her, but Nimble’s mind and heart were closed.

A massive force drove itself against the heliograph which moaned like a dying whale. A long metal girder crashed into the floor and TriAnna fell forward into the window, pain stabbing her forehead as a hot finger of blood ran down her face. Kronos had forced open a hatch on the side of the Heliograph and a long, slime covered tentacle reached inside, groping for anything it could tear apart or smash.

In a panic, TriAnna ran for the control panel and worked quickly to reset the door. Once it was repaired, she returned to the girder and, using all of her weight, forced it to fall away from her and into Kronos’ writhing arm. The bellowing beast withdrew in pain and TriAnna raced to secure the hatch door behind him. She quickly chanted the magic that would seal the door against him, at least for a moment.

TriAnna took a breath and wiped the sweat and blood from her face.  In a flash of lightning, she saw from the window a second shadow upon the clouds between herself and Meiville. Another airship was battling the storm, catching up to the first with great speed. TriAnna was confused but unable to dwell on the vision in the night.

Enraged the behemoth Kronos thrashed and howled. The Celestial Heliograph was taking blow after blow from his mighty arms and crumbling under his powerful wrath. TriAnna fell to the floor and covered her head with her hands, chanting spells and calling for help from spirits surrounding the worlds.

She tried again to reach her kin. She begged for Nimble to hear her, but received no reply. She glanced again and struggled to find the dark figures of the airships in the tempest and wondered what must be happening out there in the storm. She took a breath and chanted an incantation for their protection before racing to the control panel to check the integrity of the Heliograph’s defenses and reinforce them if she could.

She continued to call out to Nimble’s mind, hoping that something might break the blocks established between them. She could feel her kindred’s heartbreak and it worried her, perhaps even more than the Titan beating himself against the door to their dimension. Since the dawn of creation the Graces of Dagur had been one. In recent times they had learned to be apart, but they had never been separate. Feeling Nimble so close and not being able to connect with her felt much like being abandoned and she wondered what would happen to them all if they truly were severed.

The more she thought about this, the more it distressed her.

There was a spell. Old magic from the dawn of time. She could use it to call her sisters to her. It would reach into the void and pull in anything that was connected to her. It was a risk, and it would take much of her remaining strength. However, the only chance any of them had against the beast Kronos was the unified strength of the Graces. There were so many people depending upon them.  She had to break whatever it was that separated the Three, be it magic or curse.

In the crumbling architecture of the Celestial Heliograph, TriAnna prepared to cast the spell.


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