Making Choices

The adventure begins here! 

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Amos stood on the balcony of the Mayor’s home looking out into Port Twain and a sparkling spring day in Meiville. His head was spinning with strange tales and emotional realizations. He watched the tide move in and away he missed his prior life of never sticking around long enough to get involved.

He heard Nym moving and she came to stand next to him on the balcony. She gave him the half, sad smile of a person who did not know what to say, and joined him in thought. Her hair was messy and loose around the nape of her neck her unruly amber curls catching the sunlight and the breeze.

She had asked him once about who she was, and he had answered that it didn’t matter. He had believed that what was important for them was to try and be the best of themselves and not worry about their pasts.  He wondered now if his words had been folly. Still, looking at the flush of her tear stained cheeks he couldn’t help but understand that in all of the world there was nothing more real to him then she was; whatever she was.

“I think my fathers might be mad,” he said, partially to to world around them. “I don’t know what to think. I waited my whole life to have a family, I envied Emily and her safety and connections. I don’t know how to feel about a world that would keep that from happening. I don’t know how to feel about any of these things.”

Nym said nothing, she just continued to search the world beyond them for answers. Underlying all of her confusion was a deep fear that  things would change for she and Amos and as she swallowed that fear, a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Oh, Peach!” Amos said sadly, stepping back and putting his arms around her from behind. She fit perfectly in the space of his arms and he felt her tip her head into his chest. She was warm and holding her against him made him feel complete.

“I say we go back inside, thank the old men for their hospitality and then head to Ettie’s for a cider,” Amos tried to brighten.

“But what about the people and the sickness and …” Nym was confused.

“Not our problem, really.” Amos shrugged, “There’s lots of high paid folk who have the responsibility of working these things out. Who are we? Two people who opened a door,” He saw her smile despite herself. “We’ve done enough I think.”

Nym turned around, putting her arms around him and resting her head into his chest. She could hear the soft beating of his heart and smell the sea on his skin. “But Amos…”

“No. Peach, I don’t think that there is a single reason to believe that this mess is our responsibility.” He held her a bit tighter and smiled.

“You know what I want?” He kissed her forehead, “I want to take you on a date. No pirates or gangsters or time machines. A date. Candles and everything. I want to pick you up at your door and tell you how beautiful you look, and spend the whole evening trying to impress you.”

Nym was smiling now into his broad chest for a moment allowing herself to believe that they could chose another path. She imagined a life more normal, just being as normal people do. That is  until the fear bubbled back up inside of her.  She asked softly, holding back as best she could a deluge of emotion, “You won’t take me home when you find out that I am some sort of programmed sentry assassin?”

“Assassin?” Amos was laughing, “Oh, Peach! If you’re an assassin the criminal world better duck and cover.” Nym poked him in the ribs, trying not to giggle. She felt foolish, but also strangely relieved by Amos’ playful disposition. She knew he was working hard to cheer her, even through his own shock and grief, and she felt something warm and happy kindling in her chest.

She was safe here, with  Amos. She didn’t have to save the world. They could just be themselves, together.

Amos enjoyed the warmth of her in his arms, and for a moment he allowed himself to believe that they could chose to leave this place and find a normal life. He was happy with her, he didn’t need all the questions and weird story lines. He just needed her.

It was a happy dream that crashed too soon  into their hard reality. Out of the corner of his eye, down below on the street, Amos spotted a tall man in a tricorn hat. He was limping into a cane and had his eyes set squarely on Amos and Nym. Amos could see Nym’s pistol resting in a holster against his thigh. Many other shadows moved on the nearby street.

Amos forced himself to wake up from his dreams of running away, and pulled Nym into the parlor, closing the heavy brocade curtains behind them.

Nym was shocked and frightened.

The Mayor and Mike stood near by, appearing to be readying themselves for their journey.

Magruder is outside, with men,” Amos said.

“Yes,” The Mayor shrugged, tucking a pistol into a holster under his arm, “and Eli Carton’s factions as well. I am afraid that Marcel had some dangerous enemies when he left Meiville.” Mike helped him to put on his suit coat.

“It isn’t going to be an easy ride to TriAnna.” Mike said, but she will know that we are coming and that will be enough.

Amos and Nym exchanged a look as the reality of their situation took hold. He could see the fear in her face and the uncertainty she felt facing the road ahead, and he put his arms back around her.

Amos whispered with a wide grin, “When I do manage to get you on a date, you think you could wear that white nightgown again?”  Nym poked him in the ribs and shook her head.




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