The Inside Girl

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“So. I’m basically a parasite.” Trixie rolled her eyes and juggled a pinpoint of amethyst fire along the tips of her fingers. Her mechanical cog responding with a sad whir. 

Trix sighed and cooled herself, saving her strength for a time when she could burst forth and burn;  She was planning an inferno on that day.

These moods seemed to come on more frequently now that she was assisting her mother. It wasn’t that she expected thanks so much, but it would have been nice for someone to at least acknowledge her hard work. Sadly, as long as she had to stay hidden her acclaim would have to wait. 

She looked out from her Cog to ensure that Kronos was still stomping and fuming, and settled back into her dreams. “He really does make it too easy.” She smiled.

One day her mother and father would know all that she had done and she would be named the Heroine of Lys, or the Savior of Lys or…Or the something of somewhere.

The thought of her home made her sad.

She had been captive in the realm of the demon Kronos for countless centuries. At first she had been an scared adolescent child who occupied herself primarily with hiding. After a short while though she realized that Kronos was entirely preoccupied with his own plans. He was so ravenously self important that he would never consider it possible for someone to invade his sanctum. Still, she had carefully devised ways to hide herself completely, so much so that even her mother, the Great TriAnna of Lys, would not be able to sense her.

Thinking of her mother and father drove her thoughts into darkness. When last she saw Marcel he was unconscious, injured and being drawn down into the depths of the Oehn Sea with their sinking submarine.

She had naively thought that she could investigate a curious energy that he had been avoiding. She reasoned that he would find himself on some shore and worry about her for a little while. Then, after he had cooled off about the submarine and had time to be thoroughly upset and worried about her disappearance, she would return victorious. They would fix the panel of their ship and he would understand that she was old enough to really contribute to their missions.

Of course, things had not gone quite according to her plan. The hull of the submarine had breached, Marcel had been grievously injured and she had been left to walk straight into the many disgusting arms of Kronos.

She had been given all of Kronos’ miserable existence -since the dawn of time -to think about that day. 

She grieved her decisions, but she also wondered why Marcel, the man who constructed her cog and gave her independence from her mother, had neglected to tell her the truth. If he had warned her she would not have been so foolhardy.

 Of course, Trix could not be sure that knowing more about Kronos would have stopped her. She had always been dramatic and impulsive.

She remembered her past and she wondered.

The early centuries had been the most difficult. She had burned low most of the time, allowing the cog only the energy to maintain life support functions. It would wake her if there were trouble but Kronos was adrift in the sea of time, angry and awaiting his time to consume.

She had been given her first real opportunity to use her position during the First Battle of Lys. 

It had been almost impossible when, at last, she was able to see her home and family not to expose herself and join their stand. However, she was clever enough to understand the nature of paradox. Her past self was fighting with her mother and sister to cast out the demon and, like it or not, her present self had to stay undercover until the timeline was congruous.

She theorized that Kronos was in fact a paradox, a singularity caused when Marcel Ghostraven used his machine to cross time and dimension. Somehow, Marcel had managed to rip a hole in the fabric of the universe and set the behemoth free. When he was no longer imprisioned within the endless sea of time, he had set his insatiable appetite upon Lys.

Undercover didn’t mean silent though, and she had found that her position within Kronos’ lair had a myriad of delightful benefits. She could easily flit around his mass of oozing tentacles unnoticed and scratch down the occasional ward or rune. She could use her flame to sour a potion or simply loosen bolts and disconnect wires. If there were anything Trix excelled at- and delighted in- it was causing trouble.

When Kronos had attempted to contaminate the mind of the little girl, Emily, it was Trix who prevented him from attaining absolute control. Instead of a full possession he had to be content to make suggestions and as the girl was naturally willful, it had taken years to successfully maneuver Emily into setting him free.

Still, it had been a long time and she knew that her moment of freedom was not far from realization. It made her burn a deep violet blue with restlessness and excitement. When Kronos realized the source of his ancient treasure, Trixie’s Cog, summoned her mother it had been all Trix could do not to reveal herself. However, She simply could not be sure that her father’s timeline had yet righted itself and the risk had been too great. Watching TriAnna’s torment as the cog sank into Kronos’ muck was both torturous and exhilarating.

Trix’s mother had awakened. After the Destruction of Lys she had been too weak and divided to hold Kronos alone. Marcel had been able to give her a power source until she could recover, but she was strong now and fighting. Kronos was tearing at the door to Marcel’s world. Trix knew she couldn’t hold Kronos alone and her sister was missing entirely. So, together  she and TriAnna would hold him back.

 One day Her family would know all that she had suffered and achieved. One day she would be free.

Until then she would disappoint Kronos’ every plan.

Safely in her Cog she could hear the demon Kronos having a temperamental rage as metal and pipe came crashing down upon him. Trix grinned at her bucket of stolen bolts. 

“Too easy.” 

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