Catch Me

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20394110 - abstract animal: steampunk dragonfly


The points of Nym‘s boots raked over the tile floor as the thug called Marcus dragged her toward Magruder, the feeling of terror and helplessness overwhelming her.

Magruder waited with a satisfied smile, enjoying her struggle -and Amos‘ continued attempts to stand and defend her. The man called Skin restrained Amos even in his beaten and confused state. Nym prepared herself for whatever Magruder might have in store for her.

In the corner the mechanized cog continued to work furiously on the disabled security automaton  -though Nym was abandoning hope that  it would succeed in time.

Magruder waved a hand at Marcus, who planted Nym’s feet on the floor. Magruder approached her, pressing his lips to her ear with a warning before allowing  Marcus to remove the hand from her mouth,  “I assure you, Miss. The more you scream -the more I am going to enjoy this, and by the time I am through with you -you will be screaming.”

Amos struggled again to stand, the man Skin pushing him face first onto the floor. Nym couldn’t be sure, but she heard something that sounded like a muffled sob as he lay unable to move.

“Oh!” Magruder feigned surprised, venom dripping from his lips, “Look how much he cares now! If you had cared about the girl you’d have my goods. But no. Had to be a hero-and in my book, heros die.” Magruder barked, turning on Skin with similar violence for allowing Amos to look away and interrupt his plans. “Pick him up!”

Skin reached forward to grab Amos again, but as his hand stretched forward a powerful electrical discharged shot from the back of the store, severing his arm at the elbow. The man called Skin screamed in agony and dropped his pistol falling onto the floor, a flower of crimson blood spilling over the neat white tiles.

The glowing green eyes of the automation open, it’s heavy metal feet clicking and whirring as it began to advance, it’s primary weapon engaged. Nym knew that the automaton would detain it’s suspect until the Propers arrived and use lethal force should the suspect attempt to escape. The clockwork mechanism did not have a conscious or a means of applying reason. It had a script and a weapon and it would follow it’s purpose to perfection.

Marcus cast a horrified look at Magruder, hoping for some sort of direction. Magruder turned between his men and the machine surprised and enraged. Marcus, recceiving no orders and  being closest to the door, turned and ran into evening street.

The diversion was all Nym needed to reach into her satchel and retrieve her own pistol.  Holding it, unwavering, she pointed squarely at Magruder,not loosing him in her sights as she moved toward the fallen Amos.

Helping Amos to put his weight on her shoulders and struggling to put him to his feet, Nym knew that they needed to leave and soon. An engaged automaton is purely dangerous, and while she knew that the cog was exerting some control- the best course of action was to escape.

As they made their way to the door the cog released the automaton, assuming the shape of a golden dragonfly and flew with shining wings across the darkening room and safely onto the lapel of Nym’s dress.

“You are a wonder, my friend,” Nym praised the cog.
Magruder stood stock and snarling,  unable to move without triggering the automaton, “This isn’t over you know, Girl. And the next time I’m going to tear you to pieces.”

Nym was almost to the door of the store with Amos on her arm in a half drag. Hearing the words though, she leaned her wounded friend onto the door frame and ensuring that he would be safe for a moment, turned to Magruder, raised her pistol and shot him in his good foot.

“Catch me.” Nym said flatly.

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