TriAnna’s Plea

The adventure begins here!

10001497 - candle letter and seal from 1800

My Darling Marcel – 

Bittersweet are the hours that pass from the desert to the burning sea – and every second since your departure from my lands has my love been true. My fires burn ever brighter on the fuel of your memory, even as they wane in hunger for your kiss. I pray with all that I am and all that I have that this finds you whole and well. 

How I had hoped that the day I called upon this device to deliver our words across the ether would be a time of great joy for us both!  It saddens me so that this correspondance should come not with tidings of joy -but with the blackest of news.

The events of recent days have left my my mind tortured, and as I cannot find it in my heart to believe that you have conspired to make it so,  I must share any detail that may assist you in your understanding. 

Please forgive me, my darling if I struggle still with your language- for the safety of all I will try. 

Two days hence, on the eve of my father’s death, my messengers bore news of the arrival of an envoy from your plane. You can imagine my enthusiasm, though I will admit that I was disappointed that you had not come back to us yourself.    

However, as I clearly remember the extraordinary measures that were taken to fuel your return -as well as your admonishment not to attempt to traverse the rift at any time- I could not help but puzzle at the arrival of this odd visitor from across the veil. It was strange news indeed!

The envoy was a young woman of burning hair.  I received her and treated her as the finest guest of Lys. Her manner was unusual, refusing the most lavish accommodation and our most generous hospitality -choosing only to eat her own stores and rest in her strange mechanism. She reported often that she was awaiting fuel with which to depart from our Lands, and I bade her to last out the week and enjoy the kindness of my people. An offer she blandly refused. 

When I implored her what news of the Captain Ghostraven she lighted, but only enough to give me a strange gift – which she reported was token of your continued friendship. The word friendship cut me, I must be true- but within the box was a pendant and chain that was very fine indeed. The pendant appeared as a tiny corral and within it sat perched a glorious phoenix of unparalleled beauty.  The chain made of a strange metal that shown like the light of the prism that you delighted me with so long ago.

I received  the bauble as the gift of a heart that burned equal to my own, and indeed for the day I was radiance ablaze- so proud was I to wear your gift upon my neck!  My heart expanded and I was over-full believing that I had chanced to again be touched by your love. 

However, after a time I began to take ill, my flame growing strange and dim.  In the first light of evening my Ladies carried me to my chamber where they began feeding me elixirs. When my chill had grown unbearable, my Maid took me to air -and it was there that she attempted to remove the unusual gift. She was startled to find that the chain would not open nor break, and the foul thing within seemed to reach a coil into my very heart. 

The envoy was summoned but had disappeared within her contraption and none could find trace to follow.  All of the resources of my people fail in their attempt to separate me of the beast. I fade ever more by the hour. I weep to know that my people, who have only justs lost their King,  now prepare to carry their new Queen to the pyres of her ancestors. 

The beast bores through my soul now and it’s talons rake the lands below. I can feel it’s insatiable hungar. Once I am consumed it will be free of me and burst forth. Without my flame my people are powerless, and I struggle to fight even as I fade.

It is my faith in you that gives me the strength to persevere.  Ever have I loved you, as I will even unto death. How my heart aches that this letter should be the first news since your departure from Lys. How I break to think that, should this correspondence fail, you might never know of my fate nor the events within my lands.

If you are there, my Darling, I beg you. Find this so-called envoy and discover the source of this demon beast within me. I ask nothing for myself-I am but the ashes of time- but for my people I beseech you. As you have saved them before, please find a way to save them again. For the love that we once shared, for the love that blazes still within my veins, please save them, Marcel! 

If I am to die, I will die in the joy of having loved you and the wonder at having received your love in return.You are the breath of my spark. The one and only Captain of my blazing heart. How I long to see the blue of your eyes.

 I pray that the Gods of our worlds carry this to your willing hands. 

My Love, Always – 



Amos carefully took the worn pieces of parchment from Nym’s sleeping hand, folded them carefully and returned them to her satchell. She was pale in the moonlight, an exhausted sleep claiming her as they made their way back to the Meiville Archive. He covered her gently with his top coat, daring for a moment to touch her soft, cool cheek. Then, shivering, he returned to the helm to pilot her- and  The Crow -safely home.

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